Organisational Change Management

From the business model to processes and technology, change of any nature can compromise the effectiveness of even the most well thought out projects and solutions.

Increasing competition in the marketplace has made it difficult for the organisations to work efficiently, keeping the same strategic thinking. For the organisation to maintain transient competitive advantage in the same marketplace, it must require reducing the barriers to change.

We can help you align your current change strategies with today and tomorrow’s shifting business goals by enhancing your ability to shift business priorities and successfully transition employees to the new normal.

Our expertise with organisational change management helps companies increase solution adoption and mitigate pitfalls caused by preventable missteps.

Our services include:

– Change strategy and improvement planning

– Organisational change capability assessments, maturity reviews and specific diagnostics

– Change management framework design, development, implementation, improvement and support

– Employee and stakeholder assessment

– Assisting with change methodology implementation

– Business change risk and impact assessment

– Uplifting the organisational change capabilities

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Sohni Consulting is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated on planning and delivery of complex business transformation programs. Sohni consultants are delivery focused, always get the work done within time, budget and above expectations. I highly recommend them.

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