Agile Transformation

An Agile transformation is more than just a project or an initiative that has an endpoint. A journey involves the constant evolution of all the moving parts that make up an organisation. For a successful transformation the organisation strategy, processes, governance, teams, and work culture must reconfigure.

We help companies to successfully implement agile change and transformation across the organisation, supported by the visibility, assurance and governance frameworks that enables you to maintain it moving forward.

Our services include:

– Discover, design and execute agility transform initiatives

– Transformation planning and formalisation

– Transformation mobilisation

– Transformation delivery

– Change management

– Executive coaching

– Assurance and governance management

– Compliance and risk management

– Value management

– Agile training and coaching

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Sohni Consulting is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated on planning and delivery of complex business transformation programs. Sohni consultants are delivery focused, always get the work done within time, budget and above expectations. I highly recommend them.

Chief Executive Officer
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Would you like to discuss our services?